Savanah & Derek~ Inn on Biltmore Estate & Champagne Cellar

I choose you, and I’ll keep choosing you, over and over, without a pause, without a doubt, in a heart beat, I’ll keep choosing you.


Derek is from a small town in Maine and I’m from a small town in Mississippi. Due to job relocations, our families moved to South Carolina. When I was 13 and he was 15 we became next door neighbors. Derek and I became best friends, we played outside together and continued to grow our friendship throughout middle and high school. Once graduated, Derek shipped off to Germany after joining the Military and I continued my education at Clemson University. Two years later, Derek came home and we went on our first date!


5 Favorite Moments~

The most glorious rainbow!


Being completely drenched in a heavy satin wedding dress and a little girl walking by while we were taking pictures and shouted: “You look like a princess!”


The Venue & Reception was stunning! Sitting down at dinner and being able to talk with the whole wedding party and our lovely guests!

Simply Running in the rain together!


Everything was just so intimate, so unique and just exceeded all of our expectations!


We chose Asheville because the location made it easy for all our family and friends to join us in celebrating our special day. Between the beautiful foothills of North Carolina and the gorgeous wine cellars of Biltmore the location was everything we had hoped for and fit us perfectly!