Kelly & Brian~ The Ridge & Omni Grove Park Inn Pavilion

October 27, 2017 Brian popped the question with a little help from our dog, Banks. Brian and I decided to go to Jump Off Rock located in Hendersonville, NC like we have done so many times before to catch the sunset. We usually pack a blanket, bottle of wine and my canon camera. We were walking up to the lookout spot when Brian bent down to “fix” Banks leash. I didn’t think anything of it because that dog gets tangled up all the time! To my surprise, and to say I was surprised is a total understatement, Brian did not stop there! After the engagement we headed to Asheville for a celebratory drink. Of course, I called my parents and sister immediately on the way, but little did I know, they were already in Asheville. Brian arranged for both our families to come up for the weekend to celebrate with us.

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Brian and I are both Appalachian State graduates, so the mountains have always held a special place in our hearts. We wanted to gather our family and close friends in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina so they could catch a glimpse into an important piece of our love story. We wanted to share with them the trails and mountains that we’ve explored during our time together. It is where we met and fell in love, so it only seemed fitting to make it the backdrop of our special day!

Five Favorite Moments-

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1.     The weather on our special day completely transformed! As our wedding day was vastly approaching, I constantly checked the weather report hoping for the best and to my dismay the radar reported rain all week long. Having an outdoor ceremony, you always run the risk, but you still somehow contemplate your special day is invincible. I watched the rain fall all morning as I was getting ready. I’ll never forget the moment my mom and I were looking out the window, watching the guests arrive. I noticed the rain had stopped and the sun began to peak through. In that moment, it felt truly magical. I felt the presence of our loved ones that had passed, shining down on us, sending us their love from Heaven. To top it all off, the evening ended with the most spectacular sunset we have ever seen over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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2.     My sister had the most amazing maid of honor speech! I will never be able to top her when it’s her turn to get married and I will leave it at that!

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3.     Writing and professing our own vows to each other in front of all of our loved ones. It was such an intimate moment that we will cherish forever.

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4.     The party bus on the way to the reception was wild! It was the first moment where we felt we could finally relax and that it was time to party!

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5.     The entire reception was simply memorable. We had THE BEST, wedding band, Cashmere! From my Uncle Pete leading the conga line to my friends yelling “encore” at the end of the night. The dancing never stopped! I will never forget the moment on the dance floor when my dad turned to me and asked “Are the cameras gone?” I responded:  “Yes dad, the photographers are gone.” Next thing you know he grabs the tambourine from one of the band member and he shakes it like there is no tomorrow as a crowd gathered around and started cheering! It was just awesome seeing the most important people, from all different stages of our lives, come together and have a great time.

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour: The Ridge | Reception: Omni Grove Park Inn Pavilion | Planner: Mary Bell Events | Hair: Bella Chic | Makeup: Ali Lawless w/ Anarie | Photographer: Cameron Faye | Videographer: Artifice Films | Florist: Luck w/ Flower Gallery | Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Musicians: Ron Clearfield | Reception Music: Cashmere |