Hailey & Ross~ Omni Grove Park Inn


Ross and I grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same elementary school, middle school, and high school. However, through all that, it was vague that one another truly existed. Through mutual friends, we finally met in college. Timing is absolutely everything!

Ross and I dated for a few years before he popped the question. The day he asked me to marry him was huge because that same day we finally closed on our first house together. The minute we walked inside our newly purchased home, Ross got down on one knee. That was one of our very first conversations to ever have inside our brand new home together. I was in complete shock, I had absolutely no idea it was coming and it was so amazingly special. All our friends and family did a great job keeping the proposal a secret!

Deciding on a wedding location was one of the easiest decisions! Ross and I knew immediately that we wanted to have a destination wedding but not too far from home, so our grandparents could attend. Having an indoor ceremony with spectacular views was at the top of our list and Asheville seemed like the perfect place! After a few venue tours, the Omni Grove Park Inn won our hearts.


Picking only 5 favorite moments is next to impossible because the day was unquestionably perfect, thanks to Mary Bell and her amazing team!

1.     The ceremony is my utmost favorite moment because it was the moment Ross and I said “I Do.”


2.     As a special twist, we decided to have a painter at our ceremony, Brittany Rawls. The painting Brittany did is breathtaking. Having the painting is a constant reminder of how incredible our wedding day was.

3.     Our first dance together as husband and wife was to the song “This Is It” by Scotty McCreery. What topped it off was having our ceremony musician, Brandon Crocker perform it live. Wow, he was great!

4.     Let’s not forget about the food and cake! It couldn’t have been better!

5.     Last but not least, another treasured moment was simply walking down the aisle and seeing my husband’s face. He looked so happy and anxious! Every time I ask him what his favorite moment was he says: “watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle.”


Venue: Omni Grove Park Inn | Planner: Mary Bell Events | Photographer: Corey Cagle | Hair & Makeup: Pop of Color | Florist: Flower Gallery of Asheville | Cocktail Hour & Reception Music: Brandon Crocker | Live Painter: Brittany Rawls | Rentals: Classic Event Rentals |

Chelsea & Daniel's Biltmore Wedding

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” –Dr. Seuss


Daniel and I became engaged July 17, 2017 at Lake Lure just outside of Asheville, NC where we were taking a summer holiday. Daniel proposed on this beautiful flowering bridge overlooking the lake. To our surprise, my mom and dad flew into Asheville to congratulate us on our engagement! Daniel and I drove from Lake Lure to the Inn on Biltmore estate to meet up with my parents and it was such an unexpected treat to be able to share such a milestone in my life with my dear loved ones. As we were all enjoying a glass of wine on the veranda, a comment was made about what a beautiful location for a wedding it would be. My father was always so adamant that we get married in Oklahoma, but to my dismay- he agreed! As a more perfect spot could not be replicated anywhere else. My father was always so proud of what a gentleman Daniel’s parents raised and was pretty impressed when Daniel drove all the way from Charleston, SC to Raleigh, NC simply for a lunch meeting and to ask for my hand in marriage!

5 Favorite Moments

1 Of course the “First Look” is always magical, especially overlooking the vista at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. Ultimately, my favorite was when I was walking down the aisle and seeing Daniel choke up.

2 When it was discovered at the Inn, that the groomsmen could see the bride from their first floor patio into the bride’s third story window! My soon to be mother in law started playing charades with the boys from the window trying to get them to scurry. It was hilarious!

3 During the ceremony, Daniel interrupted the officiant several times, jumping the gun and shouted: “I DO” before the officiant was even ready! He was so excited!

4 Daniel loved stomping on the chuppah. To his dismay- that was the last time he ever gets to put his foot down!

5 As soon as it was time for the garter toss my brother went running!

*Bonus: Mary Bell stole bean bags from a completely oblivious couple playing corn-hole and making a racket during the ceremony. Mary was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion for our special day.


Bride: Chelsea Coffey | Groom: Daniel Chester | Bridal Consultant & Wedding Planner: Mary Bell Events | Photographer: Corey Cagle | Hair & Makeup: Joanna with Powder Me Pretty | Florist: Flower Gallery of Asheville | DJ: Spintastic Sounds | Venue: The Venue | Ceremony Officiant: Rev. Tim Lolley | Ceremony & Cocktail. Hour Musicians: Ron Clearfield (duet) | Baker: Biltmore Estate | Transportation: Elite


Kelly & Caleb's Biltmore Wedding

Caleb and I met through mutual friends during sophomore year at Wake Forest University. I had spent so much time studying for exams with friends in Caleb’s suite and he was never even there. As Caleb was preparing for medical school, his time was dedicated to the library. As fate took its own course, a few semesters later, I had finally met the mystery man.


After sophomore year, Caleb explained he was going abroad to Vienna. I imagined the friendship we had built together would simply diminish, he wasn’t even taking a cell phone! Once Caleb arrived, he discovered Europe had technological advances after all and we kept in contact almost daily. We realized that our families, Christina religion, and passion for pre-medicine were all aspects we loved to talk about.


January of 2016, I was incredibly stressed and beyond ready to graduate. Caleb had come into town and we planned to meet after an excruciating three hour microbiology lecture. Thru persuasion and deal making, Caleb and I decided to go for a glass of wine at a winery close by. One glass in, Caleb kept pushing that we go upstairs to enjoy the deck overlooking the Shenandoah Valley. It was a perfect Thursday! The sun was setting, the winery décor was gorgeous, candles were lit and dispersed, and I thought how odd for a Thursday! As the décor wasn’t odd enough for a random day out of the week, Caleb kept being so weird! Then it finally clicked, I knew what he was doing and I was shocked! He proposed! Then I immediately had to make sure he asked for my father’s blessing and it turned into a weekend full of graduation and engagement celebrations with friends and family. 

Wedding Date: April 2017


head shot 2.png

5 Favorite Moments

1 During my dad’s toast he couldn’t help but point out that Caleb and I are both graduates of Wake Forest. As undergrad tradition calls, large trees lining our main quad are always TP’d after big sports success. My dad decided to have Caleb and I TP’d by some of our guests at the wedding and we thought it was so creative and funny!

2 Singing Braun German Songs! My extended family knows a set of German songs by heart that we sing at every family function. At the end of the wedding, everyone gathered together and we all sang versions that were printed out for guests to join in on. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it!

3 Caleb and I both love kids and we couldn’t imagine our wedding without them all together! Caleb has a little brother who is fourteen years younger and our nephew which was under a year old also attended. Some of my fondest memories were all the kids’ sitting together. Their faces were priceless as they were observing all the different dance moves!

4 My siblings and I have this tradition that we started many years ago, where the four of us gather for a picture as we are tightly hugging. We have now been practicing it over and over throughout all life achievements and events. My siblings play the role of my best friends so being able to create another picture on my special day was unforgettable.


 5 Our first dance. Before Caleb and I were even engaged we already had our song picked out! As we are both huge country music fans- dancing to “Mean to Me,” by Brett Eldridge was everything we both had dreamed of.



Planner: Mary Bell Events | Ceremony Venue: Basilica of St. Lawrence | Reception Venue: Biltmore Estate  | Make-up: Pop of Color | Bagpiper: Steve Agan | Cocktail Hour Music: Braidstream Music | Reception Music: We Got The Beat (Band) | Photographer: Rachael McIntosh Photography | Videographer: Light Canon Films | Florist: Flower Gallery of Asheville | Baker: Lioncrest on Biltmore Estate | Transportation/Trolleys: Elite Limousine | Hair: Elizabeth Eaves-Roberts w/Bella Chic Salon 

Lauren & Kris

Not only was it magical but every single little detail was everything I had envisioned and so much more.

Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

Ten years post college, I finally realized I couldn’t live my life without my best friend. Kris and I got engaged in New Orleans outside of one of our favorite restaurants, Irene’s on December 2, 2016. The city was coming to life with Christmas lights, holiday parties and the always welcomed cooler temperatures. One thing I love about New Orleans is the loose alcohol laws, which meant I was able to enjoy a glass of wine as we walked around the cobble stoned streets being surrounded by friends and family for my delightful engagement surprise.

So many things go into consideration when it comes to finding the perfect wedding location and each couple must choose what is most valuable. I had always envisioned everyone we love gathering together and mountains as the back drop. There is something magical about standing in the midst of God’s awesome creation surrounded by your closest friends and family as you enter into the forever covenant with your best friend.

Asheville is packed with wonderful venues and gorgeously decorated spaces, not to mention the natural landscape and crisp mountain air. Choosing our perfect place was pretty easy. Some of my most fond childhood memories are from weekend trips to the Grove Park Inn. I remember being a little girl, arriving to the hotel late in the evening, the stars were shining, and being blown away by the lobby presence. The staff loaded our luggage cart and then proceeded to the elevator located just outside the huge fireplace! In February of 2017 Kris and I made our special weekend getaway together and just as I predicted, he fell in love with the Inn as well.


5 Favorite Moments~

When I think about our wedding, I think about the whole weekend! Not only was it magical but every single little detail was everything I had envisioned and so much more. Discovering the strength and power of writing down what we want to accomplish, sharing it with others and bringing it to God through prayer is such a marvelous fulfillment.

1. As the ceremony was taking place and the minister was delivering his speech, I remember Kris looked at me with a huge smile on his face and whispered: “Can you believe it, can you believe this! It’s just as you envisioned babe, this is our fairytale coming to life!”


2. The wind right before the ceremony was absolutely insane! I love wind, it makes me feel closer to God. Kris and I had a close friend Sarah, pass away from Ovarian Cancer. I invited her parents to the wedding and wasn’t sure if they would be attending, to both of our surprise they shared our very special day with us. As soon as the ceremony began, the wind came to a complete halt! Coincidence, not? Sarah was there in spirit! During the reception, seeing Sarah’s parents on the dance floor brought so much joy, a piece of Sarah will always live in us all.

3. Love. True love does exist and I wanted everyone attending to be reminded of that. Once the ceremony had ended, I remember walking back down the aisle with my husband at hand and when I looked up and witnessed that every balcony was full of people watching and applauding us on our special day, it was an amazing and unforgettable feeling. I felt so much love and support, some from even strangers.  


4. My Grandparents! Seeing them both all dressed up and enjoying themselves was such a treat.

5. The crazy weather. We got married on a Friday, it was sunny and seventy. Saturday was a complete wash out and Sunday it snowed. Only in the mountains! Sunday, all our families and guests ventured home. Kris and I finally had some alone time, we each poured  a glass of wine and sat for hours watching the mountains get covered in snow. The perfect ending to a beautiful weekend.